Titre: Hit Rates influence PoE curren
Description: We made a lot of changes to the hit calculations, making it easier for you to achieve higher hits. We have increased the hit limit and are now 100% so that you can hit the enemy every time. Since hit rates can influence the drop rate of Poe currency . Herefore, previously this was a feature provided by a small number of items, talents, affixes, and sublimation. This will give the offensive character a clear boost and a more reliable hit rate for highly agile enemies. Now the character panel will show you the hit rate for normal enemies and high dodge enemies, so you can see the hit rate of various monsters at a glance. In the new calculation mode, you need 3000 hits to ensure you can hit the normal 83 monsters. We optimized and balanced the hit rate on item affixes and talents, the hits given by talent points were lowered, and the hits from other sources increased. This is because the hits given by the existing talents are too high, and it is too easy to reach 3000 hits. As these calculations change, the monster hits the player higher. This doesn't have much impact on players who only invest in the dodge value attribute, but if your dash value is lower, there will be a noticeable difference. Now the free damage reduction is less, you have to invest more in dodge.