Titre: buy wow gold
Description: The idea of selling virtual goods in virtual currency is almost as old as MMORPG. Ten or 15 years ago, only one company briefly had a market value of more than a billion dollars. Services vary. After you pay a certain amount of real money, some people will provide you with gold or transferable items. Some will include you in the party so that you can upgrade quickly or make it hard for you to get items. Others will use your user name and password, and use power level to quickly play your character to the level and / or coin / item group you need. All of these services of purchasing wow gold are at risk. At one point, academia estimates that the number of people who raise resources / levels for real-world money exceeds 50% of all participants. I think the market has shrunk because of the low profit margin, but in China and developing countries, there are still dedicated online sweatshops where people work many hours a day to get virtual goods in exchange for real money. As another poster put it, these activities are punishable crimes. But the last time I saw it (a few years ago), most people who violated the terms of service in this way were banned for days or weeks and allowed to play again. Why? Because they provide an important source of revenue for game companies and provide ideal services for players with disposable income.