Titre: Madden 20 has been confirmed t
Description: EA just revealed Madden NFL 20's game playing method in EA play. While most of the events focus on the changes already announced in the next game of the Madden series that fans can expect, EA will also show some game images to better illustrate the next step. Madden 20 has been confirmed to be released on August 2, 2019 and will be accessed early through EA access as well as superstar and ultimate editions of the game. The game will be available for Playstation 4, Xbox one and PC. Madden 20 is equipped with a real career model, which makes the Madden series a comeback. A new model called "face of franchising: QB1 model" will enable you to create a quarterback and take him to college football career, that is, draft, and even diversify and create potentially unique storylines and scenes. This is a good addition to the game. Compared with previous games (you can create and control players), it can give more personality to characters, but it has no real connection with your name. With this new role, if you're lucky, you can play college football and win the national championship. In essence, this will be the best way to start your athlete's career. Another change of Madden 20 compared with previous games is that it will make superstar or elite players feel better and more powerful compared with intermediate players. In earlier versions of the game. This is an example of the X-factor system provided by EA Sports itself. Training points Does anyone know the easy way to get this? I have 840. Dawante Adams, who is full of motivation. Close to obj and Donald, I just need their elite. I also have j ward and Denzel ward Pu, and Amos. And LG from jags I forgot his name. I need to  buy Madden Coins ... Always face challenges Twelve free packages will be provided to you through ah or free purchase card > skills trainer, and you can quickly sell these packages for training.