Titre: Madden 20 Swat A Pass Coins
Description: Breaking a pass, forcing a mistake, and passing a deadly blow can all make your defense better. In this article, we will explore how to destroy a pass, force a mistake or fight an opponent in Madden 20 without buying coins. How to sign the pass Step 1: press B / circle and click to drop the orb to the nearby defender Step 2: press the "x / square" button to sign the pass How to try to get off the orb To try to peel the orb off the opponent's holder, press Rb / R1 close enough to Genealogical Planet users to tackle. This tells your player to try ribbon animation and get  mut coins . It can lead to more failures, but it can also lead to many missed or damaged tackles. How to play baseball Step 1: Aim yourself at the defender Genealogical Planet Madden players want to control and stand in front of the orb carrier. It does take some practice to get it right. Step 2: flick the right rocker down or up to hit the club on the rack This can lead to groping and dropping, but if you brag, you may give up a lot of gains. How to intercept a pass in Madden NFL 20 It's not easy to master the defensive game in Madden NFL 20. It takes patience and practice - hours. One of the key components of good defense is reading and responding to it. In the Madden NFL 20 guide, let's see how to intercept a pass in the game. The first thing you need to know before we learn how to intercept a pass is to read the opponent's game. This is something you can't magically learn in two weeks, because it requires playing games and putting in hours. One of the characteristics of a good defender is his ability to see the direction of the ball as soon as the quarterback throws it. Reacting to the throw and getting into position quickly is the key thing you need to do. But how do you intercept the pass? To do this, you need to press y on Xbox one and triangle on PS4. However, before you do this, you need to make sure you are standing in front of the receiver. In some cases, the recipient will beat you to a certain type of pass, or he will be taller than you, but this is usually what you need to do. In case you cannot cover the receiver, press and hold L2 / LT at any time to reach the receiver. Here is an overview of the successful interception of passes: Try to read the position that QB sends the ball to and react in time. When you're done, switch to the defender that covers the recipient – you can press o on the PS4, and B on the Xbox one. If necessary, try to catch up with the defender from there. Please note that in some passes, the ball is hanging in the air for a long time, and these passes should give you enough time to locate. When near the receiver, press triangle on the PS4 to intercept the pass. Alternatively, you can press Square on the PS4 and X on the Xbox one to block passage. In addition, you can always rely on AI to do your work by pressing L1 on the PS4 and LB on the Xbox one.