Titre: Stop me if you've heard of Mad
Description: Fifteen years ago, Madden played a leading role in the video game industry. The annual arrival of "Madden" and its competitors is marked on the calendar as an event that rivals the importance of the holiday sales season. In recent years, with first week retail sales of Madden NFL 20 halving compared with Madden NFL 13, the number of players around the series and the thrill of its release date have diminished. Although NFL is more popular than ever, it has been a trend. How could this happen?  Buy mut coins  is very simple. The Madden series is now obsolete and lifeless, and only exists in card packages and roster updates. EA doesn't seem to care about what used to be a golden goose, nor do potential buyers. "Madden NFL 20" consolidates the series as the worst major sports video game series available. Stop me if you've heard of Madden 20 coins before This year's "Madden NFL" version touts gameplay, new animation, improved career models and the best franchise model improvements ever made. These same points come up every year, and they are only half the truth. Dedicated players from "Madden NFL 20 " will be able to notice less stabbing pain in the passing game, attract more traffic flow, improve the passing track, real passing sprint and exercise the omniscient line guard. These changes in the game will really produce a better overall experience in the field, and help to build a better form of football game network. "Madden NFL 20" fixed some of the worst parts of "Madden 20 ", but such a small step should not be praised. The problem is that such a small change shows the speed of snail development in the annual iteration. "Madden NFL 20" is the seventh iteration of this generation of game console series. Obviously, when such a game goes deep into its life cycle, it cannot be expected that it will make a thorough change to the fundamental design concept of this design every year. If you assume that the core function of this product is powerful, and this core function is a meaningful step forward for the previous generation of products, then this idea is meaningful all over the world. Sadly, this is not the case when it comes to " Madden Madden .". Starting with "Madden 25" (the first version of the game released on PS4 and Xbox one in 2013), the entire package is small. Just after launching on the new engine and hardware, "Madden" can be forgiven for its incomplete functions or not as good as previous generations of products. Of course, the 2014 "Madden NFL 15" will achieve this level of fun and embellishment, but this is not the case. Although the sales volume of the game is very good, the overall sales volume of that year is only next to "call of Duty: advanced war", but long-term fans think that it is still much worse and less functional than "Madden 2004" or "Madden NFL 10" and other advanced products in core game playing methods. Meet the new boss, just like the old one What changes or additions have been made to the game as the five "Madden NFL" versions move forward rapidly, leading to an evolution in the way the game is played (even at parity with a decade old predecessor)? The series is just a bunch of band aids, such as a orb carrier UI tip and a dreadful attempt at a career model like "longshot.". "Madden NFL 20" promises its new "face of France" career model will provide the best experience ever, but "Madden" veterinarians will soon see it as a half baked "longshot" version, including repeated use of the coach model, dubbing and neurotic agents or front desk staff as part of its "narrative". Of course, you can now change the face of franchise players, but the core experience is as bland and meaningless as the first two games. You can also earn  mut 20 coins  and make it easy. After the upgrade, there is no real choice in the career model between delegating trivial XP tasks, or choosing to accept a new general contract without any amount, number of years or any information. You can request a release from the menu prompt and have the opportunity to sign with one of the suitors who provided the same non descriptive quote. Although it was a series of major products 15 years ago, it did not represent the nuance or drama of NFL's front office business. The field part of this pattern is almost as bad as the front part. When he is on the court, you can control the quarterback and choose to play. It's always in your best interest to stick with it, to gamble forever, and to give brain damaged ai the chance to make progress or win. I didn't count how many times I stalled at 2-5 yards in the end zone, but let AI choose not to score with 3 points but just to hand the orb over to the other team. You will end the game on a regular basis, with your receiving team losing a total of 12 or more passes. Trying to play intelligent situational football in this mode is a frustrating exercise. God forbids you to find yourself in overtime and trigger a winning touchdown, because it will lead to some kind of error, which will cause the screen to be impassable, and the game will try to simulate your next orb control, even if the game is over. You cannot pause or return to the menu, but you must completely kill the game process and lose all progress. I've thrown touchdowns countless times, and only in the next game I'll show a celebration dance and trigger touchdown comments to show the orb is handed over to the opposing team or not on the goal line. These examples are outrageous because none of these bugs are unique to "Madden NFL 20" and I've been in the game for many years.