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Man Sentenced for Attack That Made 'World of Warcraft' Inoperable for Thousands of Players
A Romanian man who had been extradited towards the United States to handle federal charges of launching a cyber attack within the Irvine-based servers from the online role-playing game "World of Warcraft" was sentenced Monday with a year in federal prison.

Calin Mateias, 38, of Bucharest, launched a distributed denial-of-service -- DDoS -- attack on Warcraft owners Blizzard Entertainment's servers this season after the corporation provided access to your game to European players and Mateias became linked to disputes to players.

The DDoS attack flooded World of Warcraft's servers using a huge amount of traffic or requests, making the machine inoperable for a huge number of players. The cyber attack cost the organization about $30,000 to repel, Warmane Gold for sale.

"Angered by the player he regularly competed against, the defendant determined to defeat his WoW opponents by interrupting the overall game's server so that they could not access the sport," according to your defense sentencing memorandum. "His actions were motivated using a juvenile prefer to winBuy Warmane Gold, along with others to forfeit it."

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