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Sir John A MacDonald
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Sep 19 2017, 10:59 am - par rogervaillancourt

Le 1e ministre fondateur du Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald,  est né le 11 janvier 1815 à Glasgow, en Écosse.  J'ai dépisté les données de ses deux mariages;  mais existe-t-il une lignée ascendante de sa famille?   Qui sont ses parents en Écosse, son père et sa mère?
Son père
Sep 19 2017, 11:17 am - Répondu par: rblais

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Les parents... (Wikipedia)

John Alexander Macdonald was born in Ramshorn parish[2] in Glasgow, Scotland, on 11 January 1815.[a] His father was Hugh Macdonald, an unsuccessful merchant, who had married John's mother, Helen Shaw, on 21 October 1811.[3] John Alexander Macdonald was the third of five children. After Hugh Macdonald's business ventures left him in debt, the family immigrated to Kingston, in Upper Canada (today the southern and eastern portions of Ontario), in 1820, where there were already a number of Macdonald relatives and connections.[4]The Macdonalds initially lived with another family, but then resided over a store which Hugh Macdonald ran. Soon after their arrival, John's younger brother James died from a blow to the head by a servant who was supposed to look after the boys. After Hugh's store failed, the family moved to Hay Bay (south of Napanee, Ontario), west of Kingston, where Hugh unsuccessfully ran another shop. His father, in 1829, was appointed a magistrate for the Midland District.[5] John Macdonald's mother was a lifelong influence on her son, helping him in his difficult first marriage and remaining a force in his life until her 1862 death.[6]John initially attended local schools. When he was aged 10, his family scraped together the money to send him to Midland District Grammar School in Kingston.[6] Macdonald's formal schooling ended at 15, a common school-leaving age at a time when only children from the most prosperous families were able to attend university.[7] Nevertheless, Macdonald later regretted leaving school when he did, remarking to his secretary Joseph Pope that if he had attended university, he might have embarked on a literary career.[8]

Sep 19 2017, 11:26 am - Répondu par: rblais

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le mariage Hugh MacDonald et Helen Shaw 21 oct 1811 
(cinquième dans la liste)

5 enfants...

Sir John Alexander MacDonald...

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