Titre: Fallout 76 is a good game
Description: Fallout 76 is a good game, but not a good RPG. Not to mention Fallout 1Fallout 2, compared to the 7th year of the B's own Fallout 3, there is really no improvement in the task chain and the plot, we must know that there is a new Vegas outsourcing to the Obsidian. That work is really made of the old Fallout's mission network chain, intertwined complex, the postman travels between various forces, determines the fate of the Mohave Desert, although Fallout 3 is more of a single-sided The story of choice, but also a story full of legends and hopes - the water purification plant. However, I passed the mainline of Fallout 76, but I felt nothing. I don’t have the legend of the past. This is the legend of wasteland in all ages: exiles, winners, soloists, postmen; but the only ones at the end The slide confession did not bring me this feeling, I just felt very vain, it is not like the ending of Fallout, maybe a new style. You can deduct me from the black island's old hat, but don't need Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. To be honest, in terms of plot and mission, Fallout 76 does not have B's own Fallout 3. B joined the faction in Fallout 76. This is indeed a small improvement, but in the end, it is still a blunt four choice. (Plus a bad dialogue round is even more tragic. I am not targeting the mass effect series. When I play, I know at least what the slope will say next; New Vegas as a catch-up product, at least the current user rating Fallout 76 Ok, and the median score is 2 points lower... This is caused by the BUG and other reasons, after all, small workshops) The streamlined skill tree and ammunition system cut off a lot of  Fallout 76 Items  but gave you a new weapon combination system, and a smoother combat system, a stunning new V mode. With the construction system of the bunker, the player can finally build his own paradise in the waste soil. This is really great. This is the wish of the past Fallout players. It has finally matured and is better than imagined. Without the moral system, there is not a lot of things left in Fallout 3. This game suddenly makes me familiar and unfamiliar. It is not like Fallout but it is indeed Fallout. Having said that, many people can say that I love to play and not play with my evaluation (or not let the obsidian also make a cloud) but I want to say that I am playing Fallout, I am coming to FALLOUT, and It’s not for the old roll or other things, it’s something that many people who haven’t played Fallout can’t understand... but I’m going to say that if the old roll 6 and the roll 76 you’re familiar with, there’s a huge difference ( Regression), will you be touched? (My own PIP-BOY later added two... oh... I feel the weakening of the RPG element of this work. I wouldn’t be surprised if the major awards violently die...) There must be something wrong, maybe the idea of ​​B is not broken, from Fallout 76 to open a new chapter in the style of the Fallout series, new style; well, but as a brain powder I really hope that the Fallout series can be more and more Well, all-inclusive, you know that sometimes the player may not need so many gimmicks, but a good story and a better experience. I think that is the more core thing than the garbage-making house. If you can really see the quest chain that the past is proud of in the FO76, it is really great. (Spattered thoughts: You cut all the systems of the PERK system and let us go more into exploration and battle. Then make the story a little better and do a little more in the story.) By the way, I hope that DLC can add a few more guns. Every B agency (including NV) will inevitably need DLC and patch improvement. I believe the final result will make people say that Fallout 76 is also a god.